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The Haiti I Know and Love — January 18th, 2018

After moving to the US as a teenager, NYC became my home and I completely immersed myself in the American culture.

Years went by, I graduated college, worked my way up in corporate America, started a family.

Life went on. Yet, something was missing.

Many nights, I would dream of Haiti. My spirit would wander around old neighborhoods, discover new ones, seeking, searching…

When I was offered the opportunity to work in Haiti after the earthquake, it felt like the universe had finally answered my prayers. By reconnecting with my roots, I had found my passion. My life is now richer because Haiti has given me a voice. This magical land nourishes my soul. It makes me feel grounded.

Once you set foot in Haiti, you too will discover that:

Haitians are creative, talented, strong and determined.

The country is rich in spirit and in culture. The food, the music, the arts will amaze you.
It’s a vibrant and colorful place.

There are thousands of talented artists who create amazing pieces of art, often out of recycled materials and basic tools.

Haitians are passionate and emotional. It’s all or nothing and it’s all from the heart.

The genuine excitement, the facial expressions, the body language can be observed in daily situations. All convey authentic feelings and raw emotions. It’s quite fascinating.

Haitians are the best teachers… Daily encounters will teach you humility, gratitude and courage. From the street vendor to the professional living in the ghetto, to the underpaid school teacher, the average Haitian faces great challenges every single day. They deal with a broken system and a challenging environment. They fall down but they always get up. They are survivors.

Haiti changed me. Interacting with the people gave me a new perspective on life. I’ve learned to be more present, more grateful, more patient and more compassionate. Haiti will change you too. Come visit her! You won’t regret it.